Since the big supermarkets have started selling fresh tempeh, our sales have slowly declined until it is now not economic for us to continue production.

We're pleased to see tempeh now so widely available, and hope we've played a small part in this. As I will be 75 years old next week, it's about time I retired anyway!

Very many thanks to all our customers.



























































Order by 6pm on Sunday 25/04/2021 for delivery through your letter box on 29/04/2021, or by 30/04/2021

If your tempeh does not arrive by the 'Refrigerate By' date on the box, please email us and we will either refund your money or send your tempeh again, whichever you prefer. The tempeh should be refrigerated when you get it and used within five days.

There may be a delay in acknowledging your order, so that we can give you an accurate delivery date.




Fresh tempeh 2x200g - 5.20 + 2.75 p&p.


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Our Tempeh Packaged & Ready for Delivery

We use minimum packaging to reduce impact on the environment and keep our p&p charges as low as we can. This means that the delicate outer layer of white mycelium may be compressed so that the beans beneath show on the surface in places. This in no way affects the quality of the tempeh.


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