Our tempeh is made from naturally grown, GM-free soya beans which have been carefully split in two before being de-hulled and cooked.

Leaving the beans as large as possible is useful in two ways. Firstly, it helps to create a very firm texture — our tempeh can be sliced almost paper-thin without crumbling — and secondly there is less loss of nutrients during the cooking.

The beans are then inoculated with the Rhizopus starter and incubated for 24 - 30 hours, producing a fragrant white covering all over the surface of the tempeh. It looks and tastes delicious.

We have been making tempeh for almost 30 years, sometimes commercially and sometimes just for ourselves. We love it, and so do family and friends, which is why we are surprised that it is not more widely available. Though frozen tempeh can be found in some shops, the shelf-life on fresh makes it difficult to stock, so we decided to produce fresh, live tempeh to be sent by post.


Fresh Tempeh Ready to Cook

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